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Welcome, as a Professional Development Specialist and a Gold Standard Specialist for the CDA Council, I believe in supporting bi-lingual Early Childhood Educators by having materials translated in their primary language. Adult ELL educators bring much value to programs which in return benefits children and families. 

On behalf of my team and I,  we are so honored to have been entrusted with the translation of the following books,  Preschool Competency book, Essential Book, and Essentials Workbook. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Best wishes on your CDA journey!


Najwa Dahdah


Welcome, we are looking forward to meeting you

CDA Training instructions

1.      Complete the registration request below

2.      Please spell your name exactly the way it appears on your State I.D. or Driver’s License

3.      THEN, Select the method of payment from the payment options below

4.      You will then receive the access code to enter the training course and complete the quiz

5.      Handouts are provided for future reference

This form must be notarized if you do not have your school credentials

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Starting October 11, 2023, 6 pm-8 pm

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