I had the pleasure to work with Najwa on multiple projects.

Najwa is one of the few people that I know who is very committed, very enthused, always ahead of the game, and continuously looks for opportunities to improve the quality of her work. Her performance exceeds expectations. As the director of C-ASIST organization, I can truly say that it is a privilege for anyone to work with Najwa .. She has leadership skills that qualifies her to launch any project with almost guaranteed outcomes. She is very organized and overcomes hurdles very easily and in a timely manner. We are collaborating with Najwa on multiple projects and this is only the beginning of a partnership and our commitment to service the community.
I truly enjoy working with you Najwa!

Nancy Berry, Director of C-Assist DBA Islamic Institute of Knowledge


My name is Georgette Antanios I’m from Syria,  I'm married and I have a beautiful daughter her name is Luna, she is 7 years old.  l have a B.A. In archaeology, I worked in the field of archeology in the general directorate of antiquities and museum of Syria.

Coming to America was hopes for my family’s better future but it was difficult to find a job or to equalize my degree. Mrs. Najwa gave me an opportunity to work and then trained me to do the CDA which has really taught me all about the Early childhood field. Since then, I have learned so much and can manage a classroom and happily engage with the children. The CDA has helped me with an increase in my pay by $3.00 and I hope to complete my Associate to continue my education in Early Childhood education. Thank you, Mrs. Najwa, for simplifying the CDA training for me to better understand and explaining in Arabic when needed, I really appreciated all that you did.”


“My name is Ban Faraj. I began working in the early childhood field as an assistant caregiver with infants and toddlers. I enjoyed every moment that I make a difference in the children’s growth and development. Through encouragement and opportunities for advancements from Mrs. Najwa Dahdah, I obtained my Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). She supported me with the process and was there to translate when needed. Since then I learned that my role as a teacher is to assist and support the child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. I also learned how to establish positive and productive relationship with families. My advancements did not end here, I participate with TEACH Scholarship and took some additional courses and was promoted to Lead Teacher and then Assistant Director. Mrs. Najwa’s encouragement and support gave me confidence in my ability. Thanks Mrs. Najwa and best wishes to you  as you continue to change lives.”


My name is Mona Khalil; I am happily married and have a 10-year-old daughter named, Jessica. I came from Egypt 10 years ago with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. Coming to a new country was not easy for me especially that I worked hard on my degree in my country but I wanted a better future for my daughter, therefore, I had to work and start all over. I started working at a daycare or early learning center as an assistant caregiver with the toddlers with no experience of that age group. It was hard at the beginning but I became the teacher with the “MAGIC DUST” is what they all tell me. Mrs. Najwa gave me an opportunity to work and saw great qualities in me and understood my situation and asked me to take classes to meet licensing for a Lead teacher position because the children are attached to me as I am to them.   Mrs. Najwa trained me to do the CDA which has really taught me all about the early childhood field. Since then, I have learned so much and can manage a classroom and happily engage with the children. The CDA has helped me with working in head start. CDA helped me understand the age group more and I am now able to do more age-appropriate activities and an increase in my pay. I am looking forward to some more knowledge to complete my Associate to continue my education in early childhood education so that I can continue to grow in the field.

Mrs. Najwa Dahdah, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all of your hard work with me and others.   You have encouraged me to achieve more than I thought possible. I will be a better teacher because of what you did with me.” mona khalil CDA testimonial

My name is Raya Yousif, I came from Iraq with a B.A degree in

computer science and it was very hard to find a job with my degree in this country but Mrs. Najwa gave me an opportunity to work as an Assistant Teacher teacher.  She encouraged me to get my CDA and she worked so hard training me and 4 colleagues and even explained it in Arabic. Upon receiving my CDA, I was promoted to a Lead Infant Teacher and became more confident in what it takes to be an Early Childhood professional. Mrs. Najwa encouraged me to continue with TEACH to earn my Associate. The CDA has been the key to my career path and was able to get a  job in a GSRP head start program with an increase in pay. I am now continuing my education to get my associate degree all because of the motivation Mrs. Najwa has provided me. I would just like to tell Mrs. Najwa thank you so much for all of your support and motivation. I really appreciated you being a huge part of my life. I am more confident about my life because of you. I speak for myself and probably many others when I say Ms. Najwa is the most helpful, hardworking, and respectful woman I have ever met. Thank you once again!”


Hello, My name is Farah Abbo, I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I am happily married and have 4 children, 3 boys, and 1 girl. I love Kids so much; they are such a joy in my life. I completed High school in my country but did not attend college as I began working with children at age 16, I was always and still is very involved in church Sunday school. Coming to America, it was difficult but thank God, I was able to be guided by Mrs. Najwa to do the CDA and she trained me and 4 others in Arabic and English and prepared me to be confident with the test and believe in myself.

Since earning the CDA, I have learned so much and I am now able to manage the classroom, understand licensing, and have the desire to continue my education. Mrs. Najwa encouraged me to continue my education with TEACH scholarship and I am now working towards my Associate in ECE.  Today I am earning more in pay and can support my family and feel great about my job. Thank you so much, Ms. Najwa, for all of your support and training to me and the group, we couldn’t have done this without you. God bless you in all that you do!”