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Alexander Bio-Cont.

Alexander has held numerous internship positions in multiple industries and is always looking for ways to sharpen his accounting/office expertise. The reason Alexander was so fascinated with the field of Accounting is because he loves problem-solving and the way businesses and organizations need to solve problems and make critical decisions constantly. This constant need for business decisions brings a challenge that a solid background in Accounting will equip the necessary knowledge for.


Experience & Qualifications List

  1. Pursuing B.S. in Accounting

  2. Held an internship with a global automotive company learning Business Enterprise Software’s such as ORACLE

  3. Processing invoices and assisting with Bank Reconciliations

  4. Assisted Treasury Team with quarterly earnings reports to CFO

  5. Nearly 4 years of relevant office experience



After pursuing my degree in Accounting, I would like to become a CPA and gain industry experience until I may branch out and start my own practice or one day strive to become a CFO. The reason for this is because I want to be in a position where I could breed change and improvements for any organization, I am a part of. Culture for any organization is essential and I feel that being in a position someday where I could manifest a team-oriented culture is a passion of mine.



I enjoy playing guitar or going running in my free time. All types of music interest me and I enjoy learning about how music is made. Something I am driven and fascinated by is data; I like to make informed decisions based on data/research rather than being uninformed. Data for me is not more important than communication amongst a team. Communication is absolutely essential in any organization or company.


Said Dahdah

Said Dahdah is a proud member of a wonderful team that offered tremendous work to the community. Said also helped with the creation and growth of Welcoming Empowered Network.

Said has a lot of experience of Child Development and he is a CPR instructor as well as he is very proud to attend the Macomb Community College at the age of 55 and be a major part of translating the CDA Competency Standards Books into Arabic.


Darlene Miller - Quality compliance, Technology, and Graphic design professional


Successful experience in the world of technology and innovation, with a wide-ranging and diverse background in technology and has worked with Wayne County and Starfish Family services where she has accomplished an abundance of assigned tasks while simultaneously recognizing a need for, and completing, other tasks not assigned to her.



  • Created database system for Early | Head Start collection of data.  This included monitoring of programs for compliance and correct data for reporting for staff, parents, and stakeholders which included the annual report and 9 federal reports that went to the government, with a very high nationwide successful report rate for children and families getting the needed services.

  • Created many Websites, as well as multi-media presentations and all handouts for program marketing and communications.

  • Associate degree in Graphic Design

  • ​Instituted a paperless program using a database.

  • Created a policy book for Early Childhood

  • Gave presentations in Lansing regarding the process of collecting data for babies and children for 4 consecutive years.  

  • Created many "How To" manuals for staff

  • Successful in creating a technology support desk for over 500 staff.

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